Weapons and Armor in Magience are highly varied and, in some ways, quite unusual.

Iron and Copper are both very rare in Riariti, making steel or bronze or brass equally difficult to obtain. In fact, most weapons or armor of those materials are Legacy Items. It would seem the ancients had access to such materials in greater volume, or knew of ways to obtain them more easily.

Weapons and armor seen in Magience are usually crafted from creature or monster parts. Cartilage and bone are very popular, painted to look metallic or coated in aluminum which can be found in abundance. Some creatures or monsters have very tough hides or scales that can also be forged into equipment, though armor enchantments have been rising in popularity.

Recently Kassilik have been working on finding ways to use titanium, which can also be found in abundance along with aluminum. Smelting ore is something of an unrefined art in Riariti due to the scarcity of many metal types so it's been slow going. So far, crude titanium weapons have been sold to adventurous types willing to try them out. The ones that don't break have proven to be very strong and so are becoming quite popular and valuable.

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