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Tehani Motte (Teh-hahn-ee Moh-tay) is a 19 year old protagonist of the Magience webcomic , and the player of Tilly Mau Loa . She first appears on Ch1 P12 as a hologram and again on Ch1 P29 on a poster, but has yet to be properly introduced.


Tehani is pretty short, standing at 5 feet 2 inches tall. She weighs around 185 pounds. She has long, dark brown hair that's almost black, and light tanned skin. Her eyes are a dark brown. She's pear-shaped, just like her character in game, with wide hips and a narrow waist despite being slightly overweight.

She has very poor eyesight, wearing glasses constantly since she refuses contacts or surgeries.

She likes to wear cute, stylish clothes, especially if they sparkle or have pretty designs. She has absolutely no issues with her body shape or appearance, wearing anything with confidence and giving 0 fucks about what other people think about it.


Tehani is one of those rare people who are pretty much the same in real life as they are in-game. Caustic, sarcastic, and a little bit strange, her sense of humor isn't "understood" by most people. Because she's not very loud and doesn't draw a lot of attention to herself in real life, she's seen as a loner, when really she's just shy and unsure of how to approach people.

She suffers from anxiety issues as well as paranoia. Tehani doesn't like being touched, which may be partially issues of just not liking contact, and partially because she's really ticklish.


Tehani was born and raised in Romerus City . Except for moving once when she was younger, she's even lived in the same house complex, so she's not really used to change very much. She has two brothers, both younger than her, and her parents are unmarried. Her grandmother also lives in the house, and they have several cats.

Tehani attends RCPA 03 just like Crystal Rose, with high grades in math.

Her distant ancestors were Hawaiian and Mexican.