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Severon Kaiser is a character of the Magience webcomic. His original race is unknown; he paid the hacker guild False Eden to change his race to Half-Dragon. It's unknown what his other half is. He speaks with a pronounced accent and seems to be obsessed with weaponry and dragons. His Player is Sean Kenny. His Element is Vaesir.  He first appears on Ch6 P16 .



Severon stands at 6 feet 4 inches tall, weighing 169 lbs, having an athletic build. His hair is a light silver that falls to his waist. His right eye is crimson and the left is gold, both having reptilian pupils. His skin is pale and his ears short, suggesting his other race is Elf or possibly Aethen. He sports two tiny black horns just above his temples.

He likes armor even though its impractical in Magience so he usually wears pauldrons or something on his shins. Other than those he likes leather and natural colors, wearing browns and dark greens.


Severon loves dragons. He is their number one fanboy. This causes him to have some resentment towards Rune for quite awhile on account of her being a Dragoon, accidentally stumbling into living his dream. He's a bit of a pervert and a flirt except when he's working - he IS a professional, after all - and maybe a little accidentally sexist, though he doesn't mean any harm by it.

He loves money because money equals buying new weapons, and his funds are depleted after paying False Eden. Despite seeming to care only about said money, he's actually a decent guy who likes to help out newbies, maybe in part because he likes showing off.

Playing StyleEdit

Severon adores melee weapons and fighting. He treats combat like an art, using embellished yet mostly efficient movements to dispatch enemies. He's a damage-dealer though, not a tank, so he's not one to draw enemy attention - he just cuts them down before they can attack.

Abilities / FlawsEdit

His abilities and flaws are mostly unknown due to him hiding them. We do however know these two:

Dragonheart - Gains increased strength, defense, and agility during battle.

Dragon Stomach - Almost always hungry. If gone for 4 hours without eating, will begin to lose health and gain the Fatigued status effect. When Full, gain additional 10% strength and constitution bonuses.