Maike (May-kuh) are Tiny-class Dragons used in the world of Magience to deliver mail. They're clever enough to understand human speech and take directions, but they cannot actually speak for themselves. If you give a maike a letter and write someone's name on it, the maike won't stop until they find the correct recipient - even if there's people with identical names they somehow know which person you meant. It's rumored maike use magic to find the recipient of their letter, but no one's been able to exactly figure out or replicate a spell that can do what they do with as much accuracy. Though scholars have come to the conclusion that they have some basic innate magic, and many believe they possess some spell-casting power, there is no record of any Maike actively casting spells.



A typical Maike.

Maike are generally a foot and a half tall when full grown. They have stunted forelimbs with small hands bearing two fingers and an opposible thumb. Their back legs are strong enough for them to walk upright with. On their back are four insect-like wings that shimmer with every color of the rainbow and leave a glittering trail behind them when they fly. They have long slender necks. Their tails are usually about the same length as their body, and end in a tiny crystalline orb that matches their eye color. Their body can be any solid color and can bear many different kinds of markings on their belly, sides, or face. They have two antennae on top of their head, but the appearance of the antennae vary from maike to maike.


In the wild maike are secretive and wary of strangers, traveling in small familial groups. Domestic maike, however, are incredibly affectionate and cheerful little creatures. They'll leave if they're being mistreated but otherwise they love their work and take great pride in successfully delivering their mail.

They communicate with each other using their antennae, but attempt to talk to other creatures or beings with a series of chirps and trilling noises.

They carry their mail in their hands unless the letter is too heavy, then they use their mouth.

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