Ailments are Status Effects that bring down a character's stats or overall performance during gameplay. Ailments can be caused by other players, monsters, spells, traps, or even by the simple act of not eating or getting caught in the rain.


Caused by: Abilities, drop in health, spells

Effect: Cause 50% more damage at a cost of 100% defense. Lose .1% of health every 5 seconds. No longer able to differentiate between friend or foe.

Cure: Unconscious, Sleep, affected target healed past 75% health.


Caused by: Critical hits, specific skills

Effect: Lose increasing increments of health the longer the status is applied. Increases damage taken by 1%.

Cure: Bandages, the healing spell Cauterize, wears off if Constitution is high enough


Caused by: Spells, weapon damage to the face

Effect: Loss of sight.

Cure: Healing spells for injury-caused Blind, Dispel-type spells for magic-caused.


Caused by: Ate too much.

Effect: Movement speed reduced by 50%.

Cure: Wears off

Blood Frenzy

Caused by: Specific abilities or flaws, spells

Effect: Bloodlust. A strong, uncontrollable desire to kill for pure enjoyment. Movement speed increased by 25%, physical attacks increased by 75%, defenses reduced by 150%. Often referred to as "The Serial Killer's Curse" by players who have seen other players come under this status effect.

Cure: Sleep, wears off, unconscious


Caused by: Spells, Abilities

Effect: No desire to fight. Will not lift a hand to fight so long as the status is in effect.

Cure: Dispel-type spells


Caused by: Spells

Effect: Varies depending on the curse. Curse effects may linger if left unattended for too long, even once the Curse status is removed.

Cure: Depends on the curse. Often, a Dispel-type will work. Sometimes needs charms, or the cursed item to be destroyed


Caused by: Spells, abilities, damage

Effect: The Character is dead. If the character is not revived by another player within a short amount of time, the body will vanish, and the affected character will awaken in the last town or camp visited and lose a level. Revived player will awaken with 10% reduced stats for a short time unless revived by a player.

Cure: Revive-type spells and abilities


Caused by: Spells, injury

Effect: Unable to walk or fight physically. Can still cast spells. More likely to gain the Ill status effect.

Cure: Strong healing spells


Caused by: Spells, abilities, flaws, Ill

Effect: The affected player is confused, unable to focus properly. May or may not remember what happened while under the effect of Disoriented.

Cure: Healing spells, Sleep, wears off, unconscious


Caused by: Spells, abilities, not sleeping, not eating, flaws

Effect: Tired and unable to focus. Spell casting time increased by 50%, movement speed decreased by 25%, Strength and Constitution reduced by 50%.

Cure: Eat, sleep, Dispel-type spells if spell-based.


Caused by: Falling, weapon damage, spells

Effect: A broken bone. Can't use the broken limb. Defenses decreased by 50%. Movement speed or weapon damage decreased by 50% depending on what limb is injured.

Cure: Splint, healing spells


Caused by: Not eating often enough.

Effect: All stats reduced by 5%, increasing by 1% for every 10 minutes the effect is applied.

Cure: Eat.


Caused by: Spell, other status effects being untended, staying out in the rain or snow, not eating, not bathing, monster abilities, flaws

Effect: Being sick. Fevers or chills, often accompanied by the Disoriented status effect. All stats reduced by 75%.

Cure: Medicine, healing spells, wears off


Caused by: Spells, abilities

Effect: Unable to move.

Cure: Healing spells, Dispel-type spells, wears off


Caused by: Spells, abilities

Effect: Unable to move, speak, hear, taste, cast spells or feel. Damage taken increased by 50%.

Cure: Gorgon's Bane, Dispel-type spells, wears off


Caused by: Spells, items, abilities, flaws

Effect: Varies depending on the poison. Most cause damage over time. Rare poisons can cause instant death.

Cure: Anti-venom, healing spells. Some wear off.


Caused by: Spells, falling asleep, abilities

Effect: Falls asleep and cannot move.

Cure: Wears off, canceled if damage is taken, Dispel-type magic if spell-based.


Caused by: Not eating for prolonged periods.

Effect: Stats reduced by 75%. Damage taken increased by a further 50%. Movement speed reduced by 75%. Likely to gain Ill and Disoriented status effects.

Cure: Eat, damn it!


Caused by: Severe weapon damage, spells, damage to the head, abilities

Effect: Falls unconscious, unable to move or interact. Will not wear off if further damage is taken, but will recover shortly so long as they are not killed.

Cure: Wears off, Smelling Salts


Caused by: Spells, abilities

Effect: Character is a zombie. Unable to be healed; healing magic does damage instead. Defenses decreased by 35%, attack power increased by 75%. Movement speed decreased by 15%. Unable to cast spells.

Cure: Revive-type spells, Corpse Dust

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